Dimensions Hall
13,5m wide x 17,5m deep x 10,5m high
Change-over: approx. ≈ 45m2 (on different level!)

Dimensions Stage (not fixed)
W: 8m wide x D: 5m x H: 1m
Clearance: approx. ≈ 8m
Distance to FOH: approx. ≈ 9m

2x dressing rooms w/ private toilet & shower
Optional: 3x dressing room (on a different level)

Audio, Lights & Video


1x 125A S.R.
2x 32A (S.L. and S.R.)
3x 16A CEE 1p (1x S.L., 1x S.R., 1x FOH)

1 x 32A CEE 3 phase 5 pin (monitors & backline) stage
1 x 16A CEE single phase 3 pin stage
1 x 16A CEE single phase 3 pin FOH

For information regarding transport, the use of SFX, security, safety conditions and more visit the general Technical Production page.

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360 degrees

Front Of House