Purpose: Live music & dance.
Capacity: Standing = approx. 1900-2000, seated = approx. 700
*seated only in consultation with production contact!

Hall: approx ≈ 50m wide x 25m deep.
Changeover area (SL): approx. ≈ 50m2 + 22m2
(+ optional 19m2 -> freight elevator)

Stage (fixed):
Maximum width: 22,10m (wall SL - wall SR)
Effective width: 17,38m (curtain SL - curtain SR)
Depth: 7,65m (frontstage edge - backdrop)
Height stage: 1,56m
Clearance: approx. ≈ 10m max.
Distance to FOH: approx. ≈ 9m

Dressing rooms
3x inc. private shower & toilet
1x ex. shower & toilet*
1x large production office / green room*
*shared toilet in backstage

Floor plans
Hall - General
Hall - Map
Balcony - General
Balcony - Map

For information regarding transport, the use of SFX, security, safety issues and more about our venue please take a look at the General Info page


Specs: Audio specs can be found here

DJ Gear: The following DJ equipment is available on request

Specs: Light specs can be found here (including plot & patchlist)

A3 Plots:

Specs: Video specs can be found here

Stage left:
CEE 125A 3p (shared with SR, 125A breaker)
CEE 63A 3p (shared with SR, 63A breaker)
CEE 32A 3p (32A breaker)
2x CEE 16A 1p

Stage right:
Powerlock 250A (shared with housedimmer)
CEE 125A 3p (125A breaker, parallel with powerlock)
CEE 125A 3p (shared with SL, 125A breaker)
CEE 63A 3p (shared with SL. 63A breaker)
CEE 32A 3p (32A breaker)
2x CEE 16A 1p

Photos / Videos