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El Sawareekh
Aïta Mon Amour
Disco Arabesquo
Dabke Night

Food & snacks:
Served by Zina’s Kitchen

Early bird: €27,50 (sold out)
Regular bird: €35,00
Late bird: €40,00

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Ronda, Rabo Open Stage

Nawafiz نوافذ

Arab music festival with music, food, performances

v.a. € 35,-

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Nawafiz نوافذ  is the name of the first edition of our Arab music festival! On Friday May 24 you can enjoy the diversity of music, food and performances from the SWANA region (South West Asia North Africa). Whether you're a fan or just looking for something new, our festival promises an unforgettable journey through the heart and soul of Arab music.

Note: your ticket gives access to the full festival, from 18:00-03.00 hrs and includes entrance to all the concerts & after 

Afroto - Egyptian rap
Egyptian rapper Afroto is known as one of Egypt’s most prominent hip-hop artists today. He draws inspiration from a wide range of sources to produce a distinctive sound that combines classic parts of hip hop with more experimental and avant-garde elements. His music is greatly influenced by alternative hip hop.

Shkoon - Arabic electro
Shkoon blends arabic folklore, meaningful lyrics with western electronic music. They merge traditions and styles while showcasing the limitless possibilities of music. Their harmonious melodies led them to the pinnacle of Arab electronica, where they became known for their musical sophistication.

El Sawareekh - Arabic pop
El Sawareekh is a well-known arabic pop performance duo  from Cairo, Egypt. They have established a loyal fan base in Egypt and beyond, proving key players in popularising and defining Mahraganat as a genre with their viral successes like 'Laa' and 'Eda Eda.'

Aïta Mon Amour - Feminist electronic music from the Maghreb
Aïta Mon Amour bridges the gap between the present and the distant past by returning to the traditional Moroccan 'Aïta' (lamentations). These songs were passed on from woman to woman and originated from the Shikhats - feminist singers from the 12th century who fought against oppression and injustice. Aita Mon Amour mixes contemporary electronic sounds with traditional string instruments such as the oud, violin and outar.

Disco Arabesquo & Dabke Night
This 'Disco Arabesquo Night' will take you back to the sounds of the 90's & 00's Arabic Middle-East (South-West Asia) and North Africa. You will hear the voices of Fairouz, Mohamed Mounir, Simone, Cheb Khaled, Faried el Attrache, Hamied el Shaeri and many of their friends. Dabke Night brought the populair middle eastern dance 'dabke' to the nightlife with a vibrant nightlife concept that combines the authentic energy of the dabke dance originating from Libanon, Syria, Palestine and Iraq.

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