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David McRaney

Cloud Nine

How Minds Change

The Surprising Science of Belief, Opinion, and Persuasion


Let op: De voertaal van dit programma is Engels.

After attending this event you will know that facts alone are not enough to change someone's opinion. The differences in our society seem to be greater than ever. Especially when it comes to conversations about topics like vaccinations, refugee-policies or climate change.

The good news: people do change their minds and do so all the time, throughout their lives. When you understand the science behind it, you have a better chance to get someone (or yourself) to change their mind.

A revolution has taken place in sociology, psychology and neuroscience in recent years, with many new insights on how opinions are formed and how you can change them. Writer and journalist David McRaney has written a book about this, and during this evening he will present it in an accessible and practical way. You will gain insight into why someone has a certain opinion and you will learn concrete conversation skills and techniques for questioning it. At a time where polarization is increasing and any debate can be dismissed with a ‘well, that's your opinion', this event provides crucial knowledge to meet today's challenges.