zaterdag 10 april 2021

Livestream: We Are The Night Ball

Gratis/Free - Celebrate the beauty of nightlife with the Dutch Ballroom Scene

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zaterdag 10 april 2021

Livestream: We Are The Night Ball

Gratis/Free - Celebrate the beauty of nightlife with the Dutch Ballroom Scene


Deze livestream is gratis terug te kijken via Studio TivoliVredenburg 

Tune into the free livestream at Studio TivoliVredenburg

Hosted by: Amber Vineyard
Commentator: Matyouz Laduree (UPDATE: unfortunately due to the lockdown in Paris, Matyouz won't be joining any more)
DJs: Arakaza b2b Seven Angels
Judges: Naimah 007, Nagato Mugler, Perry 007

Ballroom is our release, it's our battle ground. It is a place where we build strength, courage and imagination. A place where we can tell our stories through a language only we speak. "When you’re alone, Ballroom is your family and when you’re homeless Ballroom is your house."

It has been over a year since we have been able to come together as a community. What will be left of night life? Which spaces will survive this pandemic? Most of all, how many queer spaces? And how many of those will be black queer spaces? The new normal is coming and what will that mean for the community?

Policymakers have regarded nightlife as a potentially profitable industry, at best, and as a source of trouble at worst. Many people fail to recognise nightlife as an important cultural platform.

Pioneering Mother Amber Vineyard invites you to ‘We Are the Night Ball’ to remind us that nightlife brings joy, release, love, healing, peace, identity, safety and community. And in the words of our beloved icon Vjuan Allure: "A beat can move any race, creed or color. It lifts our spirits and opens our minds."

We are going LIVE!
Tune into the livestream where you can enjoy the beauty of the Ball and support our community by donating. By donating you support the Black Trans Art & Joy Fund and the organisation of the We Are The Night Ball livestream.

It is important to know that our ball community takes a firm stance AGAINST racism, transphobia, sexism, queerphobia, ageism, ableism, body shaming, classism or any form of discrimination. We stand for equality, inclusivity, creativity, participation, learning, creating new experiences and above all, LOVE.

Balls are an intentional safer space for queer and trans BIPOC. Some may know about Vogue through Madonna, but the ballroom scene was created by and for African-American and Latinx LBGTQ+ communities, notably trans women and gay men, in Harlem, New York. All visitors will respect and celebrate the Ballroom culture and its roots. If you are not from this community - as a white and/or straight ally - please be mindful of the space you take up. Respect the participants and their space. If you want to walk the Ball, make sure you take some time beforehand to learn what it means to walk and what the category asks for.