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zaterdag 21 maart 2020

CATCH: Modeselektor live, TNGHT, Colin Benders, Zwangere Guy e.a.

Festival met een focus op live-elektronica en vooruitstrevende acts

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zaterdag 21 maart 2020

CATCH: Modeselektor live, TNGHT, Colin Benders, Zwangere Guy e.a.

Festival met een focus op live-elektronica en vooruitstrevende acts

€ 33,35

incl. servicekosten & garderobe

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CATCH is back! De zesde editie vult ook in 2020 ons pand met exciting en edgy (live)electronica. Blokkeer 21 maart met een groot kruis in je agenda, check de line-up hieronder en tot CATCH!

  • Modeselektor live

    You could spend lifetimes analyzing the fabric of Modeselektor’s combined influences. Their miscellany of electronic and club music manifests itself in preposterous newfangled ways, sometimes it can feel downright overpowering. Nevertheless, you can simply resign to the fact that whenever the duo of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary come together to make a record, it’s not just out of some joyous creative awakening; there’s always an urgency, a threshold that needs to be overridden. It’s all hands on deck again on Modeselektor’s latest LP Who Else, enlisting firebrands such as FLOHIO, OVS, and Tommy Cash to fan the flames of their already cutting-edge production values.


    The duo of Hudson Mohawke and Lunice appeared taken aback as much as all of us regarding TNGHT’s ascension: what started out as a fun little side project mushroomed into a generation-defining landmark in electronic music, blending the DNA of EDM, mainstream pop and hip-hop with rapturous and inquisitive glee. In 2012, TNGHT more or less became the humongous squid clenching its myriad tendrils across the full spectrum of pop music, influencing both the mainstream and the fringes in equal measure. Now with a brand new decade upon us, the time feels right for HudMo and Lunice to continue their storied creative alliance: not by treading paths well-traveled, but once again rocketing to new stratospheres like the swashbuckling sonic cosmonauts they are.

  • Colin Benders

    After pushing his craft as a jazz musician and composer to its utmost limits, Colin Benders reinvented himself this past decade as an absolute marvel in the world of modular synthesis. Benders broke new ground by unlocking the instrument’s capacity for full-on polyphonic performance, an achievement that catapulted him to authority in his field. Despite his achievements, Benders remains a roving soul who never stops crusading for new possibilities, endlessly curious about the possibilities of modular synths. Moreover, the Dutchman’s infectious enthusiasm circumvents the sometimes esoteric nature of the instrument, bringing forth a dazzling physicality and joie de vivre to all that knob-twiddling goodness.

  • Zwangere Guy

    There’s a method to the madness of Brussels-based rapper Zwangere Guy. On his much-lauded LP Wie Is Guy?, he doesn’t exactly treat his trauma with kid gloves or cushy metaphors. Quite the contrary: the often graphic imagery his music evokes, which extends to his music videos, grants his audience a front row seat to the deeply-troubled chapters of his life. Zwangere Guy himself, however holds the unfurnished – and often tragic – nature of his work in a playful and absurdist light, like a court jester of his own absurd stage production. In a nutshell, a show unlike any other where even the most discomfiting morbid truths can ooze out in celebratory and yes, joyous fashion.

  • Kojey Radical

    Integrating the word ‘radical’ into the British-Ghanaian musician’s moniker is an obvious sign of his overall mindset and many, many talents. Kojey Radical’s supercharged hybrid of rap, spoken word and gritty productions is tailor-made to blow any defense mechanism or emotional void to smithereens, bursting with life and light. Kojey Radical’s performances tend to routinely compel audiences to engage in heady fist-pumping fracas, as he continues to reach for new enterprises, straddling the realms of fashion, philanthropy, visual art and poetry with that same piercing conviction. A superhuman in every sense of the word.

  • Jasmín

    As one of the most talented burgeoning Dutch DJ talents, Jasmín Hoek nabbed a residency at Amsterdam’s latest hotspot Noorderling, as well as frequenting all the other important clubs. Her highly innovative, super dynamic sets draw from both the familiar and the fringes, from Missy Elliott to jazz obscurities. Though tribalistic percussive elements could be considered a defining trait in her work, Jasmín is equally inclined to plunge into more the more ambient, meditative territories. It’s basically about going wherever the spirit moves her, and luckily, the spirit is always high whenever Jasmín takes place behind the booth.

  • Black Mamba

    You better believe it: Noonah Eze can heat up a dancefloor faster than Michael Jordan could heat up the hardwood in his prime. The Ghent-based DJ unleashes her unmistakable flavour of R&B, hip hop and myriad global sounds. She can shake and bake with a nimble alchemy of beats that’ll put even the most suave partygoers on skates, and has a knack for going with a slam dunk classic with endorphin-raising opportunism. Rock Werchter, WeCanDance, Encore Amsterdam, Lokerse Feesten, Sphinx Mixed, and now CATCH: the Black Mamba puts ‘em all in the blender.

  • Stranded FM

    Having become somewhat of a mainstay, Stranded FM celebrates and shares music from all over the globe, becoming the designated Utrecht-based bastion for discovering fresh sounds. These devoted heads will shape and spread the vibe in and around CATCH. During their five-year run, the Dutch underground radio station is built on a sense of community, a fertile DIY-mindset and a wholehearted love for cutting-edge sounds.

  • + meer

    Binnenkort maken we meer namen bekend. Stay tuned!

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