The Musician's Toolbox

Aspiring rockstars and future prodigies, sharpen your chops with The Musician's Toolbox! In this podcast, host, publicist, and industry nerd Arlette Hovinga presents a series of insightful conversations with industry moguls, discussing everything musicians need to know to bring their careers to the next level. What unspoken rules are there in the industry? How do amateurs become pros? When will you finally be famous? This brand-new podcast answers your questions about bookings, management, PR, and much, much more. Recorded at Studio Pandora in Utrecht's iconic TivoliVredenburg, subscribe today to find yourself on the way to the rocky and rolly road to stardom.

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Latest episodes

#4: "I want a social media strategy!" with Dimitri Appel

How do you plan and strategize social media, while not being a marketing professional? Well, first of all, you need to have a plan. Performance marketeer and jazz promoter Dimitri Appel explains the ins and outs of organic, discusses strategy and online presence.


#3: "I want an amazing album review!" with Hester Carvalho @ NRC

If you release an album and nobody hears it, have you really released an album? In this episode, Arlette Hovinga talks to music journalist and author Hester Carvalho about all things PR and journalism. How do you plan your release, how does pitching work, and how do you get those 5 star reviews?


#2: "I want a manager!" with Erin Lynch @ Flying Fox AB (ESNS edition)

Live from ESNS, Arlette speaks to music manager Erin Lynch. Managers are often perceived as the unicorns of the music industry. What do they do, and how do they magically seem to help their artists further their career? How can you, as an artist, become more interesting to management?


#1: “I want a booking agent!” with Jerome Williams @ EBB Music

Ok, your music sounds great, the band is ready and you feel like performing. After hours of practice in the studio it's time for the real deal. So how do you book a gig, and how do you get signed to a good agency? Podcast host Arlette Hovinga welcomes Jerome Williams to Studio Pandora.