General information

TivoliVredenburg is a brand new concert venue located in the centre of the medieval city of Utrecht, and opened its doors in June 2014. This venue offers five unique concert halls (with a capacity varying from 400 up to 2.000 visitors), several conference facilities and a grand café. The central foyer on the ground floor grants access to all five concert halls (click for specifics):

Grote Zaal (Big Hall)
Cloud Nine - Hall

Cloud Nine - Club
Rabo Open Stage


Postal address
Postbus 19232
3501 DE  Utrecht

Physical address (artist reception)
Vlaamse Toren 7 
3511 WB  Utrecht

Main entrance (visitors)
Vredenburgkade 11
3511 WC  Utrecht


Route to expedition area. 


No parking facilities available at or nearby the venue.

Expedition area / Loading Dock

In the basement of the venue there is an expedition area located for a maximum of five trucks. This area is in use for all the five halls, and therefore every truck needs to co-operate according the venue’s plan. Loading/unloading goods on street level is not possible. Advise the route description (above) for directions.

Early get in / overnight stay

In accordance to the venue's license it's not allowed to stay parked in the expedition hall overnight. Our expedition hall is generally available from 08:00 in the morning till 01:00 at night. Get in touch with your advance contact if you run into trouble with these rules and we'll try to find an adequate solution.


1x freight elevator: 3,8m wide x 5,1m deep x 2,6m high, max. 12.300 kilos
1x freight elevator: 3,8m wide x 2,6m deep x 2,6m high, max 7.00 kilos


Grote Zaal : Standing 2000 Seated 1717
Ronda : Standing 2000 Seated 800
Pandora : Standing 600 Seated 300
Hertz : Only Seated 544
Cloud Nine : Standing 400 Seated 250
Club Nine : Standing 187 Seated 75
Grand Café : Seats 75
Terraces : Seats 100-350
Festivals : 7500-8500 
These numbers are subject to change.

Health & Safety

Everyone working in TivoliVredenburg is considered to observe the rules contained in the Working Conditions Act (‘Arbo-wet’) and Working Conditions Rules and Regulations (‘Arbo-regelgeving’).

Personal protective equipment

Everyone working in TivoliVredenburg is required to have his or her own personal protective equipment (PPE) and use it when necessary. Personal protective equipment includes protective footwear, helmets, hearing, eye and face protection, work positioning and/or fall arrest harness etc.


The use of pyro during events is not allowed. The presence of gas (bottled) is prohibited.

Special effects

Confetti, foam, bubbles, etc. are not allowed in TivoliVredenburg unless written approval of your production contact.


The use of hazers is only allowed in consultation with the venue. Due to excessive use the fire alarm may be activated.


The security in TivoliVredenburg is provided by the security organisation Security Nieuwegein. The deployment of security is based on fixed security templates (with the numbers of staff and their positions). They are responsible for the security of the building and are part of the company emergency response organisation.

Crowd Control

It is not necessary to use front stage barriers in TivoliVredenburg; only on request of the tour production.

Sound restrictions/dB level

The noise standards in TivoliVredenburg are in accordance with the ‘Convenant Geluidsbeleid Muzieklocaties’ (Covenant on Sound Policy at Music Venues). The covenant stipulates that audio-emissions must be restricted in such a way that the sound level does not exceed 103 dB(A). Sound level is understood to mean the Leq level measured in dB(A) over a period of 15 minutes at the Front of House position at a height of 2 meter above the floor. With each event an audio emissions measurement system is set up, with which the sound technician can check the actual sound level in the hall.

Hearing FM system

The Big Hall and Hertz are equipped with a hearing fm system (Phonak FM system with MyLink receivers). Others halls can be provided with a hearing system on request.

Old diesel vehicles not allowed in environmental zone

The city center of Utrecht (which includes the area around TivoliVredenburg) has a designated environmental zone, per January 1st 2015. In order to reduce air pollution caused by diesel soot, only cars and delivery vans that meet certain emission standards are allowed to be driven in this zone. Diesel vehicles built before 2001 are not allowed to enter the environmental zone and risk a penalty. These new emission standards do not apply to trucks or sleepercoaches. More information can be found on this page: It’s possible to get a release from the municipality, get in touch if you need one!

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