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TivoliVredenburg x ESN

TivoliVredenburg is Utrechts main cultural venue, a unique venue built for all kinds of music and entertainment. Our large modern music palace harbors halls with perfect acoustics for pop music, hiphop, reggae, jazz, chamber music and dance, as well as cafes, bars, lounges and a restaurant. International acts like Sam Smith, Lorde, Major Lazer, Placebo have rocked our house!

With your ESNcard you are in a priviliged position. First of all, it grants you access to our weekly Pop-O-Matic student dance night on Thursdays. But that’s not all… we have another special deal for you!

ESN members can get 2 tickets for free for one of the shows below! Take a friend, roommate, ESN member… whoever you like! There’s a limited amount of tickets available: first come, first serve. You can choose one show per ESN card, so choose wisely!


Due to overhelming response all ESN tickets were given away already. No reason to panic… we will be adding new shows in the near future!


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