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The Cash to Card is offered to you by TivoliVredenburg. Your use of the card is subject to the following “Terms of Use”.
1. Introduction
a) In these Terms of Use you can read about your rights and obligations as a “User” of the Platform.
b) Where reference is made in these Terms of Use to: (i “you” or “your” means the natural person who logs into one of the aforementioned environments (see art.3); and by (ii) “we”, “ us”, “our” means TivoliVredenburg.
2. Why these Terms of Use?
a) These Terms of Use apply to your use of the Cash to Card.
b) It is important that you act in accordance with these Terms of Use when using the Cash to Card.
3. What is meant by the Cash to Card
a) The physical card associated software and account that you can obtain when accessing the location and with which purchases are registered within the closed environment of the location.
4. What is meant by "the Organization"?
a) TivoliVredenburg is the Organization that offers the Cash to Card and is responsible for the processing of personal data.
b) The Organization is the owner of the Cash to Card
c) The Organization determines the rules regarding topping up the payment account and paying with the QR code on the Cash to Card
d) We work together with a payment service provider to carry out a top-up or down-value.
5. What is meant by 'balance'?
a) The Cash to Card registers the balance that is kept at the Organisation.
b) You can consult the balance by scanning the QR code with the camera of your mobile phone. A WEBSITE will then open where you can consult the balance.
c) You can also request a refund of the balance via this website. This is possible within 1 year after the last upgrade.
6. How can I reclaim my balance?
• Scan the QR code
• Choose reimbursement
• Register
• Choose request a refund
• You will receive the balance after 2 weeks at the latest on the payment account number you specified.
7. How can I pay with my credit?
a) You can pay with your credit in TivoliVredenburg, Danel and Het Gegeven Paard by presenting the Cash to Card at the pin terminal.
b) The credit is only valid at TivoliVredenburg, Danel and Het Gegeven Paard.
c) If you make a payment with your Cash to Card, the amount paid will automatically be deducted from your balance with the Organisation.
d) There are no costs for paying with the Cash to Card at the Organisation.
e) After performing the payment transactions, you can no longer revoke a payment.
f) We may refuse an order for a payment if:
      a. the credit on your cash to card is lower than the amount of the payment;
      b. we know or suspect fraud or abuse; whether we have any other valid reason for this.
8. Who manages the online credit?
a) The online credit is received and managed by TivoliVredenburg.
9. What to do in case of loss or theft?
a) In the event of loss or theft of your Cash to Card, your credit will be considered lost unless you have registered the card. In that case, the card can be blocked by the Organisation.
b) You are responsible for any declaration and costs and you bear the risk of any loss of balance.
10. What to do with a defective Cash to Card?
You can report a defective card and hand it in to the Organisation. The Organization will handle this further with you.
11. What are the consequences of fraud?
a) Fraudulent acts with the Cash to Card, or a suspicion thereof, must be reported to us as soon as possible via the contact details in article 19. Fraudulent acts include copying and/or falsifying Cash to Card.
b) We may conduct an investigation as a result of your report, but are not obliged to do so. We may engage third parties in such an investigation.
c) After reporting fraud or suspected fraud, we are authorized to block a Cash to Card remotely. We also have this authority if we ourselves have a reasonable suspicion that fraudulent acts are being committed.
d) After reporting fraud or suspected fraud, you must hand in the Cash to Card to the Organization as soon as possible.
e) If we conclude that the fraud is due to you, we will hold you liable for all damages suffered.
f) The Organization is not liable for any damage you suffer in the event of fraud unless it is due to our fault or gross negligence.
12. When does your right of use end?
The right to use the Cash to Card and the website ends in the following cases:
i) you hand in your Cash to Card to the Organisation;
ii) the holder of a Cash to Card dies and we receive notification of this;
iii) we block a Cash to Card remotely after reporting a loss or theft;
iv) we block a Cash to Card remotely in the event of fraud;
v) we collect a faulty Cash to Card;
vi) we are forced to terminate the account due to a directive or instruction from an authority, such as a regulator or a payment institution;
vii) you have indicated in writing that you do not agree to any amendment to these Terms of Use;
viii) the validity of the Cash to Card linked to the account (as communicated by the Organization) has expired;
ix) a compelling interest justifies termination of the right of use.
x) You may no longer use the Cash to Card after the end of the right of use.
13. How is your privacy protected?
a) The processing of your personal data is the responsibility of the Organisation.
b) The Organization determines the purpose and means of the processing of your personal data, and acts as a "Controller" within the meaning of the applicable privacy legislation (in particular the General Data Protection Regulation, "the GDPR").
c) CCV Lab BVBA only processes the personal data that you share when using the Cash to Card for the benefit of the Organisation, and strictly in accordance with the written instructions of this Organisation. CCV therefore acts as a “Processor” within the meaning of the GDPR. This means, among other things, that CCV will never consult or process the data for its own purposes.
d) As soon as the Organization requests this, we will remove your personal data from our systems. These (and more) agreements are laid down in a processing agreement with the Organization.
e) For the Organization's privacy policy, please contact the Organization directly.
14. What are your duties?
a) You handle your Cash to Card carefully and use it only for the purpose for which it is intended.
b) You are responsible for the Cash to Card once you have received or created it. From that moment on, the risk of loss, theft or damage lies with you.
c) You are solely entitled to use the Cash to Card.
d) It is not permitted to sell, offer for sale or provide the Cash to Card to third parties. It is also not permitted to load the Cash to Card (or have it loaded) for the benefit of third parties.
e) It is not permitted to use the Cash to Card in violation of these Terms of Use or the instructions of the Organisation.
f) It is not permitted to reproduce, publish, change, circumvent or otherwise hinder the operation of the security measures for unauthorized use. It is also not allowed to provide the opportunity to perform any of the above actions or to have these actions performed by others.
15. When are we liable?
a) We are not liable to you for damage resulting from the use of the Cash to Card, unless this can be attributed to intent or gross negligence.
b) If we are liable for any damage, we only have to compensate you for damage if this is in a sufficiently direct connection with the event for which we are liable and is a consequence thereof, and that damage is also due to us in view of the nature of the liability and the nature of the damage can be attributed. It follows from the law that you are obliged to take reasonable measures to prevent or limit damage.
16. What else should you know?
a) You will not receive interest on the balance.
b) We can (temporarily) stop or limit the use of the Cash to Card in the event of malfunctions, maintenance work or security incidents.
c) No rights can be derived from the balance of the Cash to Card shown online.
d) If you wish to dispute a payment, you must contact the Organization within 2 weeks after discovering a payment or registration error.
e) The data in the administration shall in all cases serve as conclusive proof of the balance.
f) The Organization may ask you to identify yourself.
g) A maximum of €150.00 may be loaded onto the cash to card.
17. Changes to Terms of Use
a) These Terms of Use are subject to change unilaterally. We will communicate a prominent notice to inform you of any material changes to these Terms of Use.
b) If you do not agree with an addition, change or replacement of these Terms of Use, you can cancel your right of use in writing within a period of 2 months after the change and return the Cash to Card to us. If you do not respond in writing within that period, you will be deemed to have accepted the addition, amendment and/or replacement.
18. How can you contact us?
a) If you have any questions or comments about these Terms of Use, you can contact TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht.
19. How can these Terms of Use be obtained?
a) You will be made aware of the Terms of Use when purchasing the card.
b) You can request the Terms of Use via the contact details.
c) We publish these Terms of Use and any updates thereto at
d) These Terms of Use are only available in Dutch. All communication in connection with these Terms of Use will be in Dutch.
20. Applicable Law
a) These Terms of Use and any non-contractual obligation arising therefrom are governed exclusively by Dutch law.
b) All disputes that may arise from or in connection with these Terms of Use or as a result of agreements that may result from them, will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in Utrecht, with the possibility of appeal and possibly cassation.