Tracklist #106

De La Soul - The Magic Number

Avey Tare - The Musical

The Sound - Sense Of Purpose

Nagasaki Swim - Sleep

Little Simz - Gorilla

Young Marco - What You Say?

YMO - Rydeen

The The - Bluer Than Midnight 

Melting Palms - Cascades of Noise

Billy Woods - Pollo Rico

Jackie Mittoo - Wall Street

Tugboat Captain - Flashlight

Space Siren - Evidence Collection Guidlines



The Sound op Seaside Festival (vanaf 1.30)

Documentaire Walking In The Oppostie Direction

Interview Young Marco 3voor12

Boek Flower Factory

Neil Young - Last Trip To Tulsa

Space Siren - If You Scream Like That, Your Monkey Won’t Come

Yellow Magic Orchestra bij Soul Train