House Rules

  1. Identification is obligatory when requested by the staff, so keep your ID document with you at all times.
  2. Disobedience of our house rules gives the management of TivoliVredenburg the right at all times to refuse your admission.
  3. For your own safety and that of others, act in accordance with the instructions of the staff.
  4. Food and drink may not be brought into the building.
  5. A security camera and recorder system is employed by TivoliVredenburg for your and our safety. All who enter TivoliVredenburg assent to recordings being made. These recordings may be used as evidence. In the eventuality of calamities these recordings may be shown to third parties as support material.
  6. It is possible that you may be apprehended and/or searched. This inspection, and your cooperation, are obligatory in relation to general security.
  7. Use of the cloakroom may be obligatory.
  8. It is not permitted to take bags into our halls.
  9. It is forbidden to bring animals into the building.
  10. The management accepts no responsibility for any personal property brought to the venue.
  11. Visitors under the age of 18 are not admitted after 23:00 hours (unless stated otherwise on the event page).
  12. For those attending events on their own (without adult accompaniment) we advise a minimum age of 14 (unless stated otherwise on the event page).
  13. Smoking and vaping is forbidden in TivoliVredenburg except in designated areas.
  14. Possession of weapons and dangerous and/or sharp objects is strictly forbidden.
  15. The use of professional photo, video and audio recording equipment, like equipment with exchangeable lenses, and single-lens reflex and GoPro cameras, is not permitted without specific permission. Consumer cameras are allowed.
  16. It is forbidden to possess, use and deal in soft or hard drugs.
  17. It is forbidden to trade goods in or around TivoliVredenburg.
  18. For promotional activities written permission must be obtained well in advance.
  19. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco will not be sold to visitors under the age of 18.
  20. It is not permitted to take glasses or bottles, with or without content, out of the building.
  21. Payment for toilet facilities is not obligatory.
  22. Aggressive or obstructive behavior is absolutely not tolerated.
  23. Racist, sexist, insulting and/or discriminating remarks, in whatever form, are absolutely not tolerated.
  24. Sexual harassment is absolutely not tolerated.
  25. Persons clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be admitted.
  26. Offences and crimes will be dealt with by the police.
  27. Complaints of whatever kind can be sent in writing to the management of TivoliVredenburg. Complaints must be reported within three (3) workdays of the incident in question. Thereafter the ‘right of complaint’ expires.
  28. TivoliVredenburg can decide to make video and/or audio recordings of its events and visitors. These recordings may be made public or multiplied. The visitor grants unconditional permission for making and exploiting these recordings without any right to financial compensation from TivoliVredenburg or third parties. Any neighboring rights and/or authors rights and/or portrait rights are therefore transferred by the visitor, without any restriction, to the organization. Furthermore the visitor irrevocably waives the right to invoke his or her moral rights.