TivoliVredenburg has several halls and locations where program can take place, all under one roof. Each hall has been designed by a different architect and has its own and unique atmosphere.

Grote Zaal

The world-famous Grote Zaal (“Great Hall”) was originally designed in the 1970s by architect Herman Hertzberger. It has been recently restored to its former glory, preserving its distinctive character and excellent acoustics.


Although Ronda can accommodate as many as 2000 visitors, it feels much more intimate inside. Everywhere in the room you are close to the stage and the artist, with a great view and sound.


Pandora is a versatile and flexible hall, like a Pandora’s box that unfolds and where many different things come out and can happen.


Hertz is a wide, semicircular and seated hall. Everywhere in the room you are close to the stage and the artist. The fully wooden interior and comfortable seats contribute to the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Cloud Nine

The hall was originally designed as a jazz hall, but is used for much more than just jazz. Cloud Nine has a fixed stage, a spacious balcony and is used with and without seats.

Club Nine

Club Nine is being used for performances in an intimate setting. The space was originally conceived as a café part of the adjacent, larger Cloud Nine room.

Rabo Open Stage

Rabo Open Stage is located in the central hall of TivoliVredenburg, right next to café Het Gegeven Paard, on the ground floor. The stage offers space to talented, starting musicians from Utrecht and the surrounding area.