Andermaal (ENG)

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24 hours? Nah. After the rescheduling of Etmaal (the 24 hour event curated by Colin Benders), we decided to still welcome Colin & friends to our venue during Andermaal.

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Want to see what you missed during your powernap? Or do you want to replay other parts of the stream? Donate €10,- or more and get acces to the Andermaal On Demand page, where you can replay the full stream. Smaller donations are also appreciated and help us organise livestreams like Andermaal more often until we can re-open.


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Featured artists

Albert Van Abbe | Allert Aalders | Bart Wolff | Boris Acket | Bouman | Cenigz Arslanpay | Colin Benders | Cosmic Force | Dirge Seçil Kuran | Hennt | Kamiel Rongen | Kerim Safa | Maarten Vos | Matteo Myderwyk | Max Frimout | Modulation | Niels Broos | Remco Menting | Rochat | Speedy J | Steve Rachmad Aka Sterac

Up next: Etmaal

29th + 30th of May

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Photography: Paulus van Dorsten