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The road to climate justice

How can big polluters be held accountable?


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Climate change is fastly becoming the leading cause of human rights violations worldwide. Floods and forest fires leave people homeless, extreme weather conditions affect food supplies, and droughts and rising sea levels cause people to flee. The world’s poorest countries are paying the heaviest price. How can we protect the interests of those who suffer most? And how can big polluters be held accountable? More and more citizens are finding their way to the courts to enforce climate policy on governments and companies, invoking human rights. How successful is that step to court? Is a livable climate a human right? And how do we ensure that the people who suffer most from climate change can claim their rights in the transition to a sustainable world? With political scientist Dr Fatima Denton (UU) and climate lawyer Dr Tim Bleeker (VU).

This event is part of the series 'In Your Right' a program of Studium Generale of Utrecht University. In cooperation with Centre for Global Challenges, the Study and Information Center Human Rights and the program 'De rechtvaardige stad' (UU).

In 2023, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) will celebrate its 75th anniversary. Since its drafting, the world has changed radically. Climate change is affecting the living standards of people around the world. And minorities, such as trans people, who were not recognized in 1948, are now demanding their rights. What role do human rights play in combating contemporary injustice? Is the Declaration in need of an update?

For more information about this programme you can visit the Studium Generale website.

Foto door: Markus Spiske via Unsplash.