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Studio Pandora

Studio Pandora: Cosmos (Le Guess Who?)

Sunday Freak Sounds hosted by Stranded FM


This event is a livestream you can follow via You can also visit this event for free if you would like. Entry is free, there are no ticket sales. Please note, limited capacity, so come in early. 

As an international festival, Le Guess Who? has always worked with a borderless and boundary-crossing ethos.

With COSMOS, we amplify local scenes from around the world to an international audience. COSMOS evolved from Le Guess Who?’s successful pilot LGW TV, which premiered in 2020 as a digital alternative to the physical festival and was viewed in 119 countries. In 2022 COSMOS will take place 10-15 May, in September, and during Le Guess Who? (10-13 November)

Beyond music, beyond film, beyond performances and beyond borders, COSMOS is a sanctuary for experimentation and inspiration.

Sunday Freak Sounds hosted by Stranded FM
Stranded FM curates various DJ’s and live acts in Studio Pandora. Expect experiments, eclectic mixes and heavenly vocals.