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Science Café: car addiction

How do we cure our addiction to cars?


Let op: de voertaal van dit programma is Engels

Even though the Dutch are proud to live in one of the most bike-friendly countries in the world, we tend to forget that our public space is created to suit cars. It leads to congestion, pollution, ill-health and traffic deaths. Car infrastructure is expensive and requires a lot of finite resources, it is simply unsustainable. So, how can we cure our addiction to cars?

During this Science Café, together with our guests and the audience, we will investigate how and why we should move away from car dependency and find alternatives. Dr Vanessa Timmer (One Earth Living & UU) gives an historical overview of how our addiction was created by the car-industry and is sustained by a powerful lobby. Innovation scientist Dr Brett Petzer (UU) will talk about the often-invisible fight for the public space between cars, public transport, bicycles, and pedestrians.‘Cycling professor’ Marco te Brömmelstroet (UvA) explains that mobility isn't a technical issue but a political and cultural one. How can redesigning our streets lead to community, improved well-being and a greener environment? Are you ready for a life without cars?

The Science Café Utrecht is a program of Studium Generale of Utrecht University and TivoliVredenburg. In cooperation with Mensen Zeggen Dingen (People Say Things). For more information about the Science Café you can visit the Studium Generale website.

Foto door: Ziva Trajbaric via Unsplash.