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Dit concert is afgelast, het is helaas niet gelukt een vervangende datum te vinden. Er is een e-mail met meer informatie gestuurd naar de ticketkopers. Lees hier het statement van de band:

It is with a heavy heart that I must make the following announcement.

Due to some health issues which I need to address immediately and that prevent me from any singing, we will have to put on hold our work for both Molassess and Gott over the coming months.This means that all currently scheduled concerts and planned events for the next year are cancelled.

It’s not a life-threatening situation, I can work on it and will recover. However, it is serious enough that I need to patiently take care of it to come back full force to my duties as singer for Molassess and Gott.

I’m very sorry for everyone who has been waiting to see us live and bought tickets to our shows and all those that have been working hard to make shit happen. I will make up for this. Please don’t contact me, I need all my energy to get well.

All the best,