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Lingua Ignota



Dit concert is helaas afgelast wegens gezondheidsredenen redenen. Er is een e-mail met meer informatie gestuurd naar ticketkopers. Lees hieronder het statement van Lingua Ignota.

'I am devastated that I must cancel my European tour due to intense aggravation of my pre-existing spinal injury. I knew something was off after I performed in Chicago, and the pain got worse over the week. My doctor has advised that flights and extensive travel are not possible for me until I am healed. Spine stuff scares the shit out of me but it is my hope that with rest and physical therapy I will be back to normal in a couple months, so I should be able to see you in London in October. I am so incredibly sorry to all the fans who will be disappointed, to my team who put so much time and energy into making this tour happen, and especially to Midwife who was taking time out of her schedule to join me.'