zondag 12 april 2020


verplaatst, datum nog niet bekend

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Drumcorps + Otto Von Schirach
zondag 12 april 2020


verplaatst, datum nog niet bekend


Helaas wordt dit concert verplaatst naar een nieuwe datum, deze volgt z.s.m. Zodra de nieuwe datum bekend is, dit kan enige tijd duren, ontvangen kaartkopers hier een nieuwe mail over. Lees hier het statement van Gautier:

It is with the deepest disappointment, sadness and angriness that we are forced to postpone the Spirituality and Distortion tour Part 1. We have been working very much on this tour, me, we, as Igorrr, and our incredible tech crew, we have been working with no limits and no restrictions, days and nights to be able to propose you the best shows possible in the best clubs possible, we are incredibly upset to be forced not doing it.

What’s happening is deeply unfair for many people and is a real danger for us, bands and music actors who are living from passion, giving everything and not making big profits at all, it’s a real big blow.

To mitigate the pain, we will try to keep the release date of the album as planned, on 27th of March, and I really can’t wait to share with you the music of it, but the tour will have to wait until the situation will permit us to tour again, in fact the whole tour is already rescheduled for next winter. Thanks to our booking agents for being so awesome.

This is really against our will that we are not taking the road this month as we were all very, very exited to do it. We had to leave home Yesterday actually, to start setting up the last details.We were also setting up a surprise for you guys as we have been investing all the money we had (no joke) in printing the most cool and high quality merchandising we have ever done, all organic cotton shirts and hoodies that we wanted to propose you during the shows ! Since we won’t be touring in April, we’ll probably launch an online shop instead, and sell this merchandising there. As our situation here as a band is very difficult right now, any support will be highly welcome.

See you as soon as the situation permit it again. We can’t wait.



P.S : when shows gonna start again, it’s gonna be crazy…

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