Zaal open




Dit concert is wegens onvoorziene omstandigheden helaas afgelast, het is niet gelukt een vervangende datum te vinden. Er wordt een e-mail met meer informatie gestuurd naar de ticketkopers.

'Due to conflicting schedules we are forced to cancel the European tours in Jan-March 2023. This is due to a delayed album release, caused by earlier delays in the album production. The tour was originally booked for 2020, but due to the pandemic it was postponed time after time again. We’re now finally approaching the start of the next chapter, but the old unfortunately does not quite fit with the new. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this causes. All tickets will be refunded.  We will return to the European continent as soon as we have the new album out and can present you with the very best DEATHSTARS show. In the end this was a decision made because we want to give you our best and at the moment that is not possible. We have all waited this long, and it’s no time for compromise. You only deserve the very best. Please bear with us. We will be back shortly with more news. We love you all!' DEATHSTARS

Dit is het verplaatste concert van donderdag 3 februari 2022/ vrijdag 28 mei 2021 / dinsdag 13 oktober 2020 / dinsdag 28 april 2020.