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zaterdag 25 augustus 2018

Dit evenement heeft reeds plaatsgevonden.

Dabke Night

Traditional Arab music & modern electronic beats


Prijzen zijn inclusief servicekosten en garderobe.

Assasi Bilad El-Sham
Rizan Said & Zoya
DJ Matrub
Dabke Workshop
Pop-up Syrian restaurant
zaal open

Just imagine a hot summer night where you go outside in the street to catch some fresh air- and then you hear the drums starting to play that familiar beat. The rules are simple: grab a hand and lean into the dance of Dabke; the traditional folk dance from the Levant area (say Syria, Palestine, Jordan).

During this Dabke Night- we mix traditional Arabic music with modern electronic tunes and beats, hip-hop and spoken word. And we will pamper you- as always- with the best possible home-made Syrian food to enjoy in our pop-up restaurant.

Assasi Bilad El-Sham (Arabic English spoken word / hip-hop)
Emerging from Aleppo, Syria’s most ancient city and cultural capital, Assasi traded his school uniform and basketball shoes for an unwavering commitment to hip hop. He is currently living in the USA and his performance at the Dabke Night is the kick off of his European tour. Like so many young Syrian creatives during the civil war, he landed in Beirut for a few years before hardening borders drove him to India, Nepal, Malaysia, and finally the United States. Hip hop remained Assasi’s anchor through it all. His newest project, “Third World Wide,” reflects this global journey as well as the friends, influences, and lessons Assasi picked up along the way.

Rizan Said & Zoya (dabke / electro / Kurdish folk) 
One of the special guests this evening is Rizan Said - the Syrian king of Keyboard - and a master in making the East meet West with his electronic dabke-dance music. Rizan’s recent solo performances have brought the original dabke dance sounds of Syria to European festivals and concerts and kept people partying until sunrise. He travels between Lebanon and Amsterdam and played at o.a Down The Rabbit Hole and ADE but also in the best clubs and festivals abroad. The famous Kurdisch singer Zoya will join him on the stage for a special performance.

Dabke workshop
New to Dabke? Our team will teach you in just a few minutes and from than on you are ready for any Arabic wedding 😉

Pop-up Syrian restaurant
Enjoy the best Syrian food and snacks in our pop-up restaurant, for small prices.

Our resident DJ Matrub مطروب will keep you on your feet till late with the best Dabke set.

Doors & restaurant open: 20:00 hrs
Programme: 21.00 - 02.00 hrs

Tickets online: €12.50 (inc €2.50 service costs)
Tickets at the door: €14.50 (inc €2.50 service costs)

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (DAF Fonds) WIJDOENMEE.NU en Gemeente Utrecht (Initiatievenfonds).

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