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Hertz, Studio TivoliVredenburg

From consumerism to sustainable ways of living

Carlota Perez on transforming our future


UPDATE 6/9: Due to new covid-regulations concerning travellers from the UK to The Netherlands, Carlota Perez unfortunately has decided to stay in the UK. She will give her lecture via a video connection. The other speakers: Marcia Luyten, Johan Schot and Joost de Laat, will be physically present in TivoliVredenburg. The set-up of the program remains unchanged.

Predicting the future is a form of design. It is a way of looking at the tools we have at hand, the values that guide our actions, the problems we need to solve and the way to connect them successfully. Equivalent moments in history can help us to trust our capacity to do so and to learn the conditions for achieving our goals. Today we confront a major challenge: to simultaneously overcome the environmental threats and the unacceptable inequalities. Learning from history is a valuable first step.

Carlota Perez will take you on a journey through the history of technological revolutions and show that, in her own words: ‘All the conditions are there for shaping technology towards a good life in a green and fair society.’ After her lecture, Perez will be interviewed by Dutch journalist Marcia Luyten.

Renowned economist visits Utrecht
Carlota Perez is listed in Forbes in the top 5 of most influential economists according to Forbes. In addition, Perez chaired the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Expert Group for Green Growth and Jobs, an independent group of experts that produced a report exploring a sustainable future that would also help increase and improve job opportunities. She is also closely involved in Deep Transitions, a flagship project of the Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges.

For this event you don't need a corona admission ticket.