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Dit concert is helaas afgelast vanwege persoonlijke redenen. Er is een e-mail met meer informatie gestuurd naar ticketkopers. Lees hieronder het statement van Camel

It is with great regret that Camel Productions must announce the cancellation of Camel's 2023 tour.  Shortly after rehearsals, Andrew Latimer became troubled by a sharp pain in his lower back that advanced into his leg and foot. Recovery time is uncertain, so cancellation is unavoidable. We know this news will be immensely upsetting to fans as it is to the band.  We are all so grateful for the support of fans who purchased tickets and particularly appreciative of the many emails from fans near and afar who shared their excitement.  Throughout his career, Andrew Latimer has had numerous physical challenges on tours and has always overcome them.  Camel look to the future for another opportunity to write The Final Chapter.