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Black Stone Cherry

Amerikaanse hardrockgigant


De Amerikaanse hardrockgigant Black Stone Cherry komt voor een exclusieve show naar Utrecht. Vlak voor de huidige pandemie bracht de band uit Kentucky haar zevende album 'The Human Condition' uit, met daarop enkele opvallend voorspellende teksten over de huidige situatie in de wereld.

“There was a real urgency and fear of the unknown during those sessions – it was a scary time,” recalls drummer, John Fred Young. “Every song on this album tells a story of the experiences we all go through – our happiness, our struggles, and how we have to adapt.” The album’s opening lyrics are: “People, people, your attention please, I need to tell you about a new disease” (from ‘Ringin’ In My Head). The song was written 4 years ago, but powerfully captures the hysteria around the COVID-19 outbreak. On “Push Down & Turn,” BSC masterfully use space to achieve crushing swamp-metal dynamics. The stirring track talks about mental health, boldly advocating getting treatment if you’re struggling. “I suffer from manic depression and I have severe anxiety. I want to convey it’s okay to go to a doctor and talk about these issues. There is no shame or stigma there,” Chris Robertson shares.

Black Stone Cherry staat natuurlijk vooral bekend om de krachtige sound waarin traditionele southern rock vermengd wordt met de kenmerkende invloeden van bijvoorbeeld Led Zeppelin en Soundgarden. Voer voor echte rock- en gitaarfanaten dus!

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