Verplaatst naar zondag 8 oktober 2023


Dit concert is verplaatst naar zondag 8 oktober 2023. Founding member Darius Keeler is langdurig ziek, waardoor de tour uitgesteld is. Reeds gekochte tickets blijven geldig voor de nieuwe datum. Er is een e-mail met meer informatie gestuurd naar de ticketkopers.

Darius over zijn diagnose en het uitstellen van de tour: "It’s been such an emotional rollercoaster since finding out I have cancer, especially after all of the struggles we had making Call To Arms & Angels during Covid. I was looking forward to this tour more than any tour we’ve ever done after not being able to play live for so long. I’m absolutely devastated to postpone and I can only apologise to the fans for the disappointment caused. I’m going to be focusing on getting myself fully fit in the next few months, and come back next year for the most epic Archive tour ever! I miss everyone in the Archive family and send you all my love, we’ll see you all in 2023!"