Superstrings: The Sphere Of Tears

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Superstrings: The Sphere Of Tears

An emotional journey through the realms of classic trance

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We are ecstatic to announce that our cosmic voyage is bringing us back to Utrecht. During our orbit around the world we pass by Tivolivredenburg on the 6th of December, where we are bringing mind bending emotionally charged trance music to the Sphere of Tears.

Our previous stops in Utrecht have shown us that this city holds potential for peak level communal ecstasy, but this time we are inviting you to join the arpeggio to the next level with us in Ronda, the biggest room Tivoli has to offer: get ready for an all night long odyssey to the core of emotions: a wild ride of hard-hitting, ravishing trance music of the past and the future. You're not alone and neither are we. Show your emotions Utrecht.

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Superstrings: The Sphere Of Tears

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